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At Unique Nails we use only the finest quality products which means we use the fantastic Young Nails range. We also stock the vibrant IBD Gel range.

Designed to work together chemically, Young Nails' Acrylic Resin System was created with exact particle blend technology that gives you flawless consistency and superior adhesion.

Technically advanced and easy to use,  Synergy Gel system is the only choice of nail techs around the world. The molecular process enables Chain Entanglement Technology to deliver superior adhesion and strength.

IBD Gel Colour
Imagine over two weeks with no chipping, no peeling, no cracking. Imagine reaching into your purse for your car keys seconds after the final coat without a dent or a smudge. Imagine a finish thatís as shiny at day fourteen as it is at day one. Our IBD range gives you all that, and then some.

After your face, the most noticed parts of you are your hands and feet. Well-kept hands and feet reflect positively on you. To ensure that your hands and feet are well-maintained and your nails polished to perfection, you need to schedule regular manicure and pedicure sessions. These are as important as facials to project a well-groomed look.

For the pedicure, we pamper your feet with a soak, a scrub, exfoliating rub, massage, moisturizer, and polish. The pedicure will leave your feet soft and supple. You will love to slip on your sandals after this treatment with us.

Our Services
We provide a variety of services from Maniís and Pediís, Nail enhancements in Acrylic and Gel,  gorgeous Nail art as well as our IBD gel polish.

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